Rich & Reds Restaurant Reviews and Recommendations

We welcome you to view our personal preferences for delicious dining, fun and value in and around our neck of the woods. We particularly enjoy buffets, where we can sample many different dishes. The bottom line with any restaurant, is the question, "Would you go back?" All of the places we list here, we would. We hope you enjoy these places and much as we do. Bon Appetit!
Chinese Wongs Kitchen
13209 Osborne
This family has been serving up down-home, inexpensive Cantonese-style Chinese food for as long as we can remember. Their dishes are as basic as they are good. We recommend take-out, since they're always so busy. Dinner for two: $15.
NBC Seafood
404 #A So. Atlantic
Monterey Park
This is the place for Dim Sum, or "Tea Lunch." If you are going on a weekend, get there by 11 a.m. or expect to wait at least 90 minutes. For the American palette, there can be some rather unusual ethnic delicacies you may want to avoid. So, if you are new to Dim Sum, bring someone with you who isn't so you know what you're ordering.
P.F. Changs
Wilshire and 4th Street
Santa Monica
and other locations.
Fresh, flavorful and reasonable are the keywords we use to describe this fashionable chinese eatery. We've tried quite a few of their dishes and have been rarely dissapointed. The proportions are impressive and the dishes are anything but traditional Chinese. Our favorites so far are the Garlic Noodles, Szechuan Eggplant, Szechuan Green Beans, Won Ton Soup and the Barbeque Chicken Salad. Dinner for two: $35
Italian Bistro Italia
& Martini Bar

8635 Wilshire Bl.
Beverly Hills
Having read a review on the restaurant that now occupies the building where Andre's used to delight us on special occasions, we were intriqued. A buffet on weekends which included Lobster Thermador was enough to get us down there. Also on the buffet was poached salmon, shrimp, lobster claws, oysters, three types of pasta, cheeses, pizza and a nice selection of desserts. There was also a omlete bar. At $16.95 for a Sunday Brunch like this, it was very worthwhile.
Brazilian Picanha
269 E. Palm Ave.
Our first experience of a churrascaria (Brazilian barbeque) was at a place in Santa Monica called By Brazil 2. When it closed, we were sad. (By Brazil 1 still exists in Torrance I believe). Then we read about Picana. There is a small but interesting buffet but the main attraction is the waiters coming with various meats hot off the grill on skewers which are carved right at your table. That's about every five minutes. At thirteen varieties (at last count) it takes more than an hour to taste everything. We recommend the lamb, bottom sirloin, chicken and ribs, but taste everything and get seconds next time around of what you like the best. At $23.95 it's a bit pricy, but it's all you can eat. A must for true meat lovers.
Hungarian Csardas
5820 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles
When we read about the Saturday night dinner and Sunday afternoon brunch buffets that was all it took to give the place a try. We enjoyed the stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage, the fried bread, spaetzle and a layed potato dish. Also try the mushroom soup, the little bread puffs, the Wienerschnitzel and the meat balls. The decor itself is not anything to write home about, but go there for the taste treats. Buffet for two: $25.
Indian Delhi Palace
22323 Sherman Way
Canoga Park
Delhi Palace is truly a star of Indian Cuisine. We recommend the lunch buffet (every day) so you get a variety of dishes. Call ahead and make a point of going when they are serving Vegetable Korma and Butter Chicken, our favorites. But this is not to say that the cauliflower, eggplant, tandori, curry or palau are ever disappointing. Lunch for two: $15.
Eclectic Cheesecake Factory
6324 Canoga
Woodland Hills
Also in Calabasas, Marina del Rey and other locations.
For special occasions, this small chain makes much more than just cheesecake. Their reasonably-priced menu is incredible with tremendous salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizza and more traditional fare. Especially palette pleasing are the BBQ Ribs, Grilled Eggplant Sandwich and Thai Chicken. Our must-order favorite is the Cashew Chicken (we offen substitute shrimp for the chicken) normally served over pasta, which we request over their mashed potatoes. There is so much more on the menu of every genre that we haven't tried and, so far, everything is incredibly delicious. Unless you want to wait, avoid peak hours. On a nice evening, request an outside table. Portions are large, two entrees will feed three. Dinner for two: $30
21150 W. Pacific Coast Hwy
Imagine dining with an ocean view. Then imagine taking off your shoes and digging your toes in the sand. Now imagine arriving before 4:30 p.m. (until 6 p.m.) on any weekday and getting some wonderful taste treats at half-off during happy hour! Yes, all of the above in their Barefoot Bar! Try the mango ribs at $5 or a good-sized burger at $3, both will all the fixin's. They also have a buffet lunch (and Sunday brunch) which we have not tried, but if it's an ocean view your're after...
Thai Nopgow
22551 East Ave. S
We found this place thanks to a review we read a long time ago. The review was so favorable, we made a point to find the place the next time we were in Palmdale. If you are ever passing though Palmdale, this is the place to go. Once the freeway construction in completed, we'd even consider driving there just for dinner - it's that good! Dinner for two: $20
Japanese Crazy Toyko Sushi
18406 Ventura Blvd.
Half-price sushi! That's right! A large portion of their menu is half-price to celebrate their grand opening. And it's so popular, that there is no end in sight! Try any of your favorites or the Volcano. Always fresh and well prepared. Dinner for two: $20.
11239 Ventura Bl.
Studio City
Also in Woodland Hills and Beverly Center.
A rather extensive (at least a 70 foot-long) buffet-only barely-adequate dining experience for lunch or dinner with at least a dozen of each type of salads, sushi items, hot items and desserts. For dinner, add crab legs, lobster thermador and sashimi to the list. A good introduction to sushi, but far from the best. Lunch for two: $25, Dinner: $40.
Mexican Los Toros
21743 Devonshire St.
This family-run business is a fixture in the Northwest corner of the Valley. Expect quality authentic dishes at a very good price. Chips with salsa and an excellent bean dip arrive at your table so you can take your time going over the menu. Try Aarons (shrimp)or Paul's (beef)Burrito (like a fajita inside). The enchiladas and fajitas and basically everything else on the menu is wonderful. Expect to wait on a Friday night. Request to sit outside or in the far room, unless you are not bothered by the noisy bar area. Dinner for two: $15
There remains only one question. Where are we going to eat? I'm starved!
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