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October 14, 1995 A Weekly Publication for Region 33 Soccer Volume 9, Number 6


Pink Cheetahs / Thunderbirds

The Pink Cheetahs shined yet again in a very well played match. Rachel Gliebleman scored twice with lightning speed and dexterity. The whole team played with great tenacity. We salute the Thunderbirds and their coach for a great game. The Thunderbirds aggressively began the game with a great defensive turnaround by Casey. Arlene then took the ball all the way to score our first goal. Alexandra shot ahead of the pack quickly and almost scored. Lauren got back great on defense. Mackenzie and Maya also proved themselves alert defensively. Amanda, Marianne and Tamar made great defensive turnarounds. Jessica brought the ball out of the pack for a great offensive play. Taylor-Ann kept the Cheetahs from retrieving the ball on a crucial play.
The Net staff is sure that this Saugus player is not asking Jet goalie Eric Jones for directions.

Cosmos / Unique Unicorns

It started out as a cool damp morning but the Cosmos were hot and full of spirit. Matt Durlester scored an early power goal. The second quarter saw Daniel Lavigna score his first goal of the season. Westley and Jason were tough on defense and determined not to let the ball go past them. Third quarter Jamie and Zach both had strong kicks keeping that ball from the goal. David was tough and working hard. Fourth quarter Matt got his second goal! Roger, Andrew, Elliot were powerful the whole game. Casey Reed and Alex Trammel defended our team with great ease. Our first goal was a three-man combination from Eric Granger, Sam Fischer and Carliano Varona. Kieran Castillo played forward like a pro. Andrew Saint-Albin saved many balls. Zamir Barbosa and Nicholas Donig helped in the over all game.

White Rangers / Rockets

Defense was the key to the game. Corey, Joshua and Brian played strong on defense and goaltending. Garrett drove to the goal.. Zachary charged the goal. Dax D. was roughed up and played the same way. Martin, Evan and Spencer played great. We played a team game and the improvement shows. The Rockets scored early on a goal by Taylor Light, assisted by Jorge Palomo and Michael Cameron who also scored a goal. Late in the fourth quarter Taylor scored a second time. Zachary Kaplan and Brandon Lassoff assisted. Pete Eiaz and John Anger split time in goal. Daniel Fischer, Jim Dzundza and Lars Dion-Kindem led the Rockets steady defense.

Goal Kickers / Thunderbirds

Once again the Goal Kickers started with a bang against a tough Thunderbird team. Our entire team played with gusto, led by an inspired Charlie. Jason was assisted by Joey and Jake in making the first goal of the game. Jordan made the second goal of the game with Andrew quickly following with another goal. Charlie got his goal in the fourth quarter. Standouts in defense were Ryan, Kevin, Andy and Brandon. Players of the week were Charlie and Jason. All right Goal Kickers!! The Thunderbirds played a short handed game against a tough Goal-Kicker team. A good defensive game was played in the first half with Kelvin, Matthew, Lawrence and Max H. all making great saves. David, Kelvin and Matthew dominated the offensive attack. Craig, Michael and Mac C. kept the ball moving. Everybody gave a great effort.

Mighty Soccer Rangers / Jaguar

Jeremy played a strong game as a midfielder in the first half, and as goalie in the second half. Josh B. and Josh L. made big kicks and key defensive plays. Cameron not only scored three goals but saved a number of Jaguar drives at the Soccer Rangers goal. Daniel W. played a strong game at goal and made key passes. Daniel O. contributed strong kicks and stops, Scott K. and Jake played good defensive games and assisted the team's drives towards the goal!

Tornadoes / Balboa Blasters

In their toughest game yet, the Tornadoes exploded as Dylan and Michael drove into Balboa Blaster territory. Jesse set up a spectacular goal by Graham. Cristofer and Jeffrey fought a titanic midfield battle. The defense were stars as Kevin reversed a Blaster drive, J.J. retrieved a goal kick, Matthew stole the ball twice, and Noah single-handedly stopped a goal line assault to let Scott take the ball back downfield. Great work by both teams!
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