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October 14, 1995 A Weekly Publication for Region 33 Soccer Volume 9, Number 6


Sunflowers / Little Giants

In the first quarter the Sunflowers with Mackenzie #8 as goalie, played great defense and kept the Little Giants from making several goals. In the second quarter Mackenzie scored a goal, then the Little Giants answered back with a goal of their own! Hadar played goalie the third quarter stopping several attempts by the Little Giants. Good job Sunflowers.

It was a hotly contested match early Saturday morning with the Little Giants giving their all. Our defense led by Taylor and Jamie kept the ball away from the goal. Hilary played strong offense which led to her scoring a goal in the second period. Ali, Lindsay and Ashley did an excellent job defending the goal. Alexandra played like a true champion. Keep it up Little Giants!

Pink Ladies / Mighty Ducks

The first half was filled with fabulous offensive plays by Alisa, Natalie, Molly P. with several leads by Molly W. resulting in the first goal of the game . Jessica, Rachel, and Erika were hot today with great defensive stops . In the second half Alisa hustled along with Jessica and fought hard offensively. Ilana finished the game with radar like speed and powerful kicks.
Can referee Brandon Winslow tell Net readers who prevailed in this particular confrontation between the Killers and the White Sharks in Division 6 action last Saturday

Kings / USA

Ten minutes in the game, it is scoreless, thanks to goalie Tomi Ueda. Jonathan Perdomo was merciless today driving towards the goal. Jason Kabaker's kicks were very powerful. Darren Finkelstein’s momentum drove him downfield and often into the dirt. The moments got tense. Sean Hall' defensive and offensive plays were invaluable. Great goal Sean. Michael Barnett saved many goals. Good goalie work. Kamran Mahramzaden turned the fire on and drove the ball downfield. Pedram Mahdavian kept his defensive eyes open helping the Kings game.

Vikings / Pirates

MVP - Oscar . Sport of the week - Brian. Cool morning. Hot game! With Oscar scoring in the first minutes of the game and again in the third and fourth quarters. Brian, Jacob, Tyler and Sean were great in offense with Sean losing his shoe dribbling the ball down the field. Teddy, Mackenzie, Michael and Ari were excellent at defense and kept the opposing team from scoring. Jacob F. was a good sport sitting on the sideline (sic) rooting for his team.

Hornets / Pirates

The Hornets played a tight defensive game against the Pirates. Nareg Mondjian scored a great goal late in the game. David McFarland created numerous scoring chances with outstanding offensive moves. Adam Cunningham played solid defense, as did Joshua Bailis and Ian Patton. Brian Wayne, Jonathan Levinson, Danny Swindel and Leaud Suri swarmed down the field on offense. It was a great overall efforts by all the Hornets!

Coyotes / Vikings

An early morning start caught the Coyotes sleeping and a fast goal by the Vikings was our wake up call. Diego’s save at the goal signaled the Coyotes. Chris, David S. And Max played hard offense through the second half helping Jesse drive the ball down the field for a near miss goal. Brandon and David W. made great blocks allowing Matt to keep the ball in Coyote territory from the mid field. The Coyotes played a tough game!
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