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October 14, 1995 A Weekly Publication for Region 33 Soccer Volume 9, Number 6


Stingers 0 / Spiders 0

The Stingers put a stop to the itsy-bitsy Spiders climb up the soccer spout. Major play by goalie Garen kept the winning streak alive. Strong offense by Evan, Anthony, Carlos scared the Spiders. Major defense by Garen, Andy, Dushan, Joshua and Garrett was so strong it make black flag taste like a breakfast cereal.

The entire game was a fierce defensive battle with the teams moving the ball down the field only to have the other team repel their advances. Bryan, David U., Andrew and Yahtze lead several offensive charges that resulted in near missed goals. Stephen, Kevin L., David A., and Aaron played tenaciously on defense and Diego and Kevin B. refused to be scored on.

Champions 2 / Scorpions 1

Bradley made the first and second goal for Champions with a nice pass by Kevin. Daniel as always made such long strong kicks. Fantastic play by Eric, Brian, Daniel, Josh and Patrick. Our goalie Owen did a very good job. Second half goalie Daniel had a great save.

The Scorpions played an excellent game. It was a very long first half (rather than 2 quarters) and the Scorpions worked hard to keep the ball on their half of the field. Jeremy scored a spectacular goal. Dan and Matthew played very well - really keeping the ball going toward the goal. David and Adam were strong on defense. Brad, Hans and Jared had some good blocks and kicks. Both Evan and Alex blocked goal attempts as goalies.

White Tigers 2 / Killers 0

The White Tigers roared loudly when Kayvan and Tyler kept the ball in play from the beginning. Ricky guarded the goal with ferocity the few times the ball was in enemy territory. James saved a goal in the second quarter while Daren made the first goal of the game. Seth, Jason and Michael fought valiantly to keep the ball in Tiger town. In the final quarter, Jeffrey made valuable plays to keep the Killers at bay, assisting Daren who made the second goal, winning the game for the White Tigers - fabulous!

The Killers fought hard against the ferocious White Tigers. Julian and Todd passed the ball brilliantly to keep the pressure on in the first quarter. Nima helped control the middle and Sebastian and Benjy turned the Tigers away repeatedly from the goal. Keith and Michael combined on offense to get several shots on goal. Danny repeatedly boomed the ball toward the goal with powerful kicks. Sebastian had another strong game on offense and defense, while Benjy helped clear out the ball on defense. The Killers were tough but the White Tigers could not be caged.

Hard Rock 1 / Bullfrogs 0

With a good measure of skill and a lot of luck, Hard Rock came out on top against a six-member Bullfrog squad. It was a team victory featuring a team goal. Great job Hard Rock! Rock on!

Against all odds the Bullfrogs held their own in a 1-0 loss against the Hard Rock. With only 6 players on the field, the Bullfrogs played an unbelievable game, with each player putting out a maximum effort. In the first quarter alone, goal keeper Ryan stopped five attempts on goal! Neal had a very close shot on goal. On defense the Bullfrogs were incredible. Without Brett S., several goals would have been scored. Commendable work. In the third quarter, goalie Adam stopped two more attempts by the Hard Rocks. By the fourth quarter, the tireless Bullfrogs were still hanging tough. Sergio and Brandon played great on offense. Before the game was over, Brandon came close to scoring for the Bullfrogs. Great effort Bullfrogs, we're proud of you!

Panthers 2 / Power Rangers 1

The Panthers powered up the Rangers with a hard fought battle. Brad passed to Josh who passed to Tommy for the first goal of the game. Once again Jason B. saved the day not only by blocking the Rangers from scoring but also scored the winning goal. Casey and Chase were big defenders and David, Daniel, K., Brad and Matt played like the winners that they are. Way to go Panthers!

Power Rangers held the #1 team to only 1 goal scored against them the whole first half. Defense Orion, Michael, Jorge and Scotty had fought hard. The second half our offense Zach, Sean L., Sean W., Sasha and Garret brought the Power Rangers their first goal.

Mighty Maulers 4 / Bulldogs 0

The Mighty Maulers were in their usual form showing great team work resulting in goals by Joey and Marvin with assists from Cameron. Beautiful passes by David and Danny kept all the action on Bulldogs end of the field. Defenders Brian and Roey were like a wall of iron. In the second half Jared and David barely let the ball past midline keeping our goalie Alex pretty lonely. Great defense by Jared in the last quarter kept the Bulldogs scoreless. Great game!

Firecrackers 5 / Bulldogs 1

The Firecrackers snapped and growled past the Bulldogs with Jeffrey K., Erik B. and Brian T. keeping the offense busy. The second quarter brought the first goals by Jeffrey G. and Brian T. Jonah B. showed us he has lightning feet and quick reactions. The second half saw Josh G., Eric R., and Jonathon P. forming a strong line of defense. Brian F. supported the team with great saves. The last quarter demonstrated Jeffrey R’s strong kicking ability and Brian F’s outstanding defensive play at fullback. Great game!


Fury 4 / Purple Power 1

The Fury picked up where they left off last week with a relentless attack on the opposition' goal led by Haley Clifford and Lara Kalaidjian. Joelle Corey dialed long distance scoring from the top of the penalty box. Lauren Amster’s slick footwork set up a blistering goal by Kerri Green. Nicole Abbott and Amanda Stowell were a defensive “Dream Team” quickly defusing any scoring threats. Joelle completed her second consecutive hat trick with two second half goals, while Jana Schreiber and Lauren Yarbough squeezed the Purple Power defense until they were grape juice.

Purple Power started the game with great defense. Excellent blocking by Drew, Angela, Sasha and Andrea. Allison and Danielle made tremendous runs down the field. Lindsay and Eden worked hard following the ball and passing it. Sydney’s kicks were terrific. Great blocks by Alex as goalie. Danielle scored our one goal,. Terrific spirit and drive by our Purple Power gals. You make us proud!

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